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Automatic End-of-Line Return



Trimble NextSwath™ 2 is our enhanced end-of-row turn technology, which automatically calculates the optimal path to turn the vehicle and puts it on the next line to start working with the equipment with the most precision.

Why NextSwath?

  • Improves spin efficiency and repeatability
  • Saves time and fuel cost and prevents crop damage

Technical Specifications

Standard Pattern
The standard “up and down” rotation pattern for typical sequential product application was introduced in Trimble’s first original NextSwath feature.
Continuous Block Pattern
Multi-row pattern that makes all turns in the same direction Widely used when working off-road, this model greatly reduces the risk of collision between a towed implement and the tractor. Simple turns reduce equipment wear and tear, but can cause soil compaction in the cover area.
Alternative Block Pattern
Another row jump pattern. Changes the direction of rotation for each line group Reduces equipment wear but provides more efficient area coverage and slightly reduces cover soil compaction as less rust is produced.


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