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CenterPoint 2,5cm



Trimble CenterPoint RTX for agriculture is built on our proprietary RTX technology that provides repeatable high-accuracy GNSS positioning via satellite or cellular distribution worldwide. It helps you reach the quality standards you need for strip processing, planting and seeding, spraying, spreading and more in less time. Watch your productivity and profit grow.

High Accuracy
Stay connected to base stations or VRS networks to achieve 2.5cm crossover and repeatable accuracy year after year.

Better Uptime
Falling signals are a thing of the past. Our reliable networks ensure you are always up and running so you can continue to produce uninterrupted.

Reliable Service
A base station is not required, so you don’t have to worry about losing radio signal connection or wasting time at work.

Work Anywhere
RTX ile ister uzak bir yerde olun, ister geniş coğrafi alanlara dağılmış tarlalarınız olsun, her yerde çiftlik yapabilirsiniz.


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