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Cow Itch Brush



The automatic cow brush has been designed to increase the health and comfort of the cow. This brush, which is the right length and thickness, rotates in each direction on the cow, increasing blood circulation and relieving the animal. This is why it contributes to higher milk production. It does not take up much space in the barn and its cleaning is very easy.

Technical Specifications

Brush diameter: 40 cm

Brush quantity: 1 Block (one piece.)

Sensor: Yes

Single-phase electric motor 0.18 kW 220 V

30 t / min cast iron reducer

At least 5mm, laser cut with hot galvanized metal abkant

Tiltable in all directions, works when tilted at 10 degrees, it switches to standby in the vertical position

It stops the operation in case of jamming, then works in the reverse direction.


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