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Vertical Rotary Tiller



With the Naras Vertical Rotary Tiller, the soil, weed removal, relief of the soil and the expansion of the inner surface are done. The soil is broken down very well and the seed bed is prepared. Thus, this cultivated land; It allows rain and snow waters to pass easily into the depths of the soil. It holds moisture well. Ventilation is good. It does not show much resistance to the elongation of the plant roots. Another purpose of tillage is to regulate the water and air regime of the soil. Thus, as the water capacity in the soil increases, if other factors do not change, the air pattern will deteriorate. Therefore, the air and water regimes of the soil make it an optimal balance for plants.
– Long-lasting, non-basestone-forming blades
– Heavy type roller option
– Strong parts produced with forging technology
– 4-speed gearbox

Technical Specifications

Vertical Rotary Tiller
No. Code Technicial Specifications
1 N-VD 250 Tongue Roller, Multi-Speed, 2500 mm
2 N-VD 300 Tongue Roller, Multi-Speed, 3000 mm
3 N- VD 600 Tongue Roller, Multi-Speed, 6000 mm
4 N-DRTM20001 Working width: 2000 mm; Machining depth: 280 mm; Weight: 1000kg; Required tractor power: 70 – 90 HP
5 N-DRTM25001 Working width: 2500 mm; Machining depth: 280 mm; Weight: 1200 kg; Required tractor power: 80 – 100 HP
6 N-DRTM30001 Working width: 3000 mm; Machining depth: 280 mm; Weight: 1400 kg; Required tractor power: 100 – 120 HP
7 N-DRTM35001 Working width: 3500 mm; Machining depth: 280 mm; Weight: 1520 kg; Required tractor power: 120 – 135 HP
8 N-DRTM40001 Working width: 4000 mm; Machining depth: 280 mm; Weight: 1700 kg; Required tractor power: 140 – 160 HP
Vertical Rotary Tiller – Option
No. Technicial Specifications
1 Roller Piston Difference


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